Friday, 18 June 2010

LED Umbrellas - Limited Collection at Art|41|Basel|16-20|6|10

Sevensisters is the exclusive art shop located in the heart of the Art|41|Basel|16-20|6|10 fair, one of the most presticious and world wide reknown art fairs.

LED Bright Ideas Limited Collection Sevensisters Art|Basel|10


Quoted as a 'wearable piece of art' by New York times and having been commissioned by Tate Museums London and MoMA in New York, SquidLondon has created a limited collection of 100 LED umbrellas exclusive to Sevensisters art shop and Kunstmuseum.

Sprüth Magers Berlin|London is a leading contemporary art gallery representing one of SquidLondon's favourite artist: Jenny Holzer
On of our favourite Galleries is Gallery Von Bartha Garage run by Stefan Von Bartha who has a brilliant eye for contemporary curating and avant-garde selection of international artists. Their Gallery is based in a converted Petrol Station located on your way to the Basler airport.

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Squidarellas needed for Japan's rainy June: 水に濡れると色が変わる、雨の日が楽しくなる傘!

So far we have expanded from London to New York, Paris and Moscow. But as you can imagine Tokyo is the place where the Squidarellas run out of stock like hot cakes!


Here a short movie of our Squidarella in the inspiring city of Tokyo, look at all those black umbrellas of people trying to rush to work.

Generate Design is our stockist and distributer in Japan, they have a surrealistic collection of products who all fulfill the purpose of functionality but with a clever twist. They exhibited the Squidarellas at one of the biggest buying fairs in Tokyo - perfect for the rainy season in June!

The Squidders love the Sky Planter - plant pots hanging upside down
The Squidders love the Match lights - human sized

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Rain, rain don't go away - little ducky wants to play!

Now this is something for our little squid fans... here the colour changing Kiddies Duck Squidarella in Action! Rain, rain don't go away - little ducky wants to play!

«Kasia is now looking out of the window waiting for the post man! Hopefully we will have a short shower, soon after it arrives.»
Dad of Kasia, bought first Mini Duck Squidarella
Exclusive to

Thursday, 13 May 2010

a little update....

Lloyds Awars for the Creative Enterprise

NVPC People's Choice Award

The Tate Paint Drip Squidarella is hot property!

Hello wonderful squid fans,

We hope you are all well! Enjoying the gorgeous, yet freezing sun shining mornings and horrid grey dark wet afternoons!! So strange - but lovely to wake up to.

It has been an interesting week for us! Last week we had our big grand pitch at the British Library - bloody scary - adrenaline pumping, eyes on the prize, judges flying questions left right and center! We won £1000 from Lloyds TSB (THANK YOU) for winner of our section 'Creative Enterprise' and we won the 'Peoples Choice Award' of the National Varsity Pitch! So we were quite chuffed :)

We want to say the BIGGEST THANK YOU to the amazing support, emails, tweets and fb messages we received - it has been overwhelming!

To top our week off, Tate just ordered another 1200 umbrellas - they are just flying off their shelves!! Second order in 2 months!

Have a wonderful weekend!!
Squidders xxx

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Childreach - "the Squidarella in Africa"

During the Autumn and Winter 2009, SquidLondon donated a portion of the 'Bird Squit' Collection proceeds to help raise funds for ChildReach International, a charity for children in developing countries. The particular project we funded was to help build a well for water and assist with renovations at primary school in Tanzania, Africa.
"When we arrived at the school, you could not believe how dreadful the building conditions were. No window panes to stop the dust storms outside from entering. Stark, concrete walls and flooring that were falling apart. And yet, everywhere we looked, smiling, happy children were thrilled to see us and welcome us." Jennifer Petrillo, PhD Student who volunteered and first enlisted the support of SquidLondon.

Jennifer helped to install a water pump into the new water well, build a concrete walkway outside the classrooms, add window panes to the building to name a few.
"We had constant community support to help in updating their school. I couldn't be more proud of the work we accomplished." Jennifer Petrillo
SquidLondon say "go ChildReach for making a difference hands-on!"

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Squidders Update!!

Hello!!! Sincere apologies from the Squidders!! You would not believe the manic existence we have had since our last blog during London Fashion week! Not too sure where to start - The photographs will do it the best justice!

We had the biggest delivery to date - 4200 umbrellas! What a struggle it was trying to get the boxes into a van! Yes a big white builders van - the Squidders exhibited at the Gadget Show at the NEC Birmingham from the 8th - 11th April! Crazy stuff - checkout the new iPad - very cool.

You will see from the pics @ children loved the umbrella's!! We debuted the latest design to be added to the Squidarella collection.......The Children's Duck Squidarella! So cute....!

In the mix of all this we won the semi finals of the National Varsity Pitch and will be competing in the finals on 5th May for 10K at the British Library in front of 250 people and three highly impressive judges: Doug Richard, Julie Meyer & Richard Tyler - wish us luck!!

Enjoy the pics!

The 'Truck' with 4200 Squidarella's - Oh my!
Packing them in to our ''White Van'' :)

Oh no...they don't all fit...!

Set up time at the Gadget Show!!

Team Squid in action... filling up a swimming pool...?!

Plastic bags, buckets...anything we could get our hands on to transport water...!

Customer's spraying away...


Wet... Little ducks swimming in the water..

Cute little walking stick size with fun handle!

If you wish to see more pics click here David Benson is an events photographer - did an amazing job - thank you!

Thank you also to everyone behind the scenes - you know who you are!! Much appreciated xx

Squidders xx

P.s.... Squid will be launching their new online shop in the next couple of this space!!

Monday, 15 March 2010

Promo Job, Birmingham 8.-11. April

SquidLondon need 4 temps promoting our colour changing umbrella outside the Gadget Show in Birmingham. What we are looking for: 2 energetic friends/students who are outgoing, communicative and fun loving - getting visitors to understand our colour change concept, telling them about our stand, walking around with umbrellas (even in sunshine) and handing out flyers with our stand number on it. You must be based in or around Birmingham.

Pay per hour: £6
Hours per day: 3-4
Dates: 8th-11th April 2010

If you are interested, please send a short e-mail to before the 31st of March 2010 and we shall give you a call back to have a quick chat..

Come squidding along!


Wednesday, 24 February 2010

This Space - London Fashion Week

SquidLondon had an exciting 4 days exhibiting at a 'London Fashion Week Exhibition' at an open space gallery on Beak Street, Soho.

We met some very interesting people and business ideas. Check out the slide show on the right - photographs from 'This Space' including work from: Bitching and Junkfood , Emma Ware, Lake and Liberty , Long, Miss Jacqueline White, Squid London, Theatre de la Mode, Tomihiro Kono, Vanessa da Silva

The release of one of our latest collaborations; 'Watch Me' film with two amazing architects in Basel went down a storm! To view check out slide 19 of our 'Gallery' section

Thanks to those of you who popped down for the 'party'and exhibition, was great to see you all!

Squidders x

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

SquidLondon launching WATCH ME art project at thisspace showroom throughout LFW

SquidLondon exhibits at the showroom in the heart of London throughout Fashion Week from the 20th – 23rd February, where exciting and current designers contribute to a rich program of daytime exhibits and evening events and shows.

SquidLondon will be launching their WATCH ME art project , their latest collaboration with two inspiring Architects from the ETH Zürich, Nicholas Burckhardt and Patrick Jaeger, continues to impress with pioneering in interactive objects within its surroundings.

Drop by late in the day and have a drink. Opening party for the venue, and launch of the clothing range and online store is on Sat 20th 18.00 – 21.00. presents…
20 Beak Street (South end of Carnaby Street by American Apparel and Eastpak)
(please find press release on /press/ presszone)

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

SquidLondon Shortlisted for Smarta 100

SquidLondon have been shortlisted for the Smarta 100 Awards!

This link will take you to the interview we had.
Be warned Emma-Jayne was in an extra chatty mood.....!!!

What is the Smarta 100?
The Smarta 100 will search, find and recognise the 100 'smartest' small businesses in the UK.

How will the Smarta 100 be found?
From the West Highlands to Westfield we'll be searching for the high-street heroes, market traders on a mission, eBay entrepreneurs, budding Bransons and the emerging big businesses of tomorrow.

Click here to watch and find out more!!

Wish us luck!
Squidders x

Monday, 25 January 2010

Limited LED Bright Ideas Collection

SquidLondon are proud to present their latest Limited Collection of LED umbrellas.

The latest design to hit the shelves of SquidLondon is the ideal umbrella, which brightens up the miserable dark rainy days.
It’s is a walking stick umbrella with the iconic ‘bright Ideas’ light bulb design of SquidLondon visibly placed on the transparent canopy. Running up the umbrella stick are light emitting diodes. Purple, pink, green, blue and yellow colourfully flash as you stroll down the dark wintery streets, thus ensuring no one misses you. To top it off, there is a secret torch on the base of the handle for situations like scrummaging around your bag looking for your keys!

Available in Do-Shop, London and SquidLondon’s Online Shop

From the Umbrella Designers,

The Squidders x

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

The Gadget Show Live : 8-11th Aprill 2010

SquidLondon are proud to announce that they have been selected to exhibit at this years Gadget Show Live at the NEC in Birmingham!
Out of 60,000 tickets, 40,000 have already been sold!
This link will tell you all about the exhibition and all the other clever business and products that will be involved.
The Squidders x