Friday, 25 December 2009

Seasonal greetings...

...from the Squiddersx

P.S. Photo made on Oxfords Street - we like :-)

P.P.S. We will launch a new collection soon, psst

Saturday, 19 December 2009

Squidarellas in MoMA shop NYC

MoMA, the Museum of Modern Art is one of the worldwide most recognized museums renown for one of their biggest art collection.

Standing face to face with one of Jackson Pollock’s art pieces was a highlight for the Squidders in 2009 , Pollocks ritual paint dripped on a white canvas planted the seed for their colour changing inspiration.

It is a great fun to work with MoMA’s buying team. The lovely shop team beamed at the idea of selling the Bird Squit umbrella which changes colour when wet evenmore as the colours go well with the bright colour scheme of MoMA products.

When you have an aunt who buys all here Christmas presents from museum shops, that place is the cream of the crop, there are no gimmicks to be found but thoughtful interesting concepts, collector pieces of artists and product designers.

Online link: Bird Squit Collection in MoMA shop NYC:

Tip: If you have a MoMA membership you not only get in for free but you also have special membership discount for the MoMA shop

SquidLondon favourite other product in MoMA shop NYC:

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

SquidLondon Live on BBC2 Television 'Working Lunch' Show - 11November

What a day for SquidLondon!

We were rushing out to a meeting and we received a phone call from Hew Leith from Consolidated PR asking if Squid would like to be on BBC2 TV on the 'Working Lunch' show to help promote NCGE who have helped us immensely through a programme of theirs called Flying Start!

We rushed to our meeting and rushed back to find a lovely big tinted chauffeur driven car to take us to the TV Studios - what a treat - being driven in a car around London! Or as Viviane likes to put it - Luxury - no tubes, no buses!

You can watch it on BBC iPlayer:

Our main points were the fabulous help of Government Funded enterprises that enable entrepreneur's to link up and learn about the wonderful world of business!

Anything is possible......

Squidders x

P.S on the right tab is a slide show with many more pictures!

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Child Reach Charity

Jennifer Petrillo

SquidLondon has pledged to donate £1 from every umbrella of their new limited collection to support a local student's efforts to raise funds for ChildReach International, a UK charity aimed at fighting child poverty in developing countries.

The LSHTM PhD student, Jennifer Petrillo, aims to raise £2000 by 2010 for a FutureBuild project in Tanzania, where volunteers help build schools for elementary school children. Sales of the umbrellas will help fund the project to provide supplies necessary to build the infrastructure, plaster walls, paint and decorate, sand desks for use, assemble a playground for recess, and possibly install a water harvesting tank.

The program aims to provide the people of Tanzania with the tools necessary to educate and nurture at a grassroots level, ultimately providing the children with the start in life they deserve.

For more information on the student's venture or to donate to the cause, visit: For information on how you can purchase an umbrella, visit

Monday, 5 October 2009

Spitalfields Bird Squit Launch

Our Wonderful Interactive Stall

The Squidders and Charity Lady Jen in our Wonderful T-shirts...

SquidLondon had such a great time at their 'Bird Squit' Collection Launch at Spitalfields last Sunday! Thank-you so much to everyone who popped down to say 'hello'.

As always it was a great success and thank-you to everyone who contributed to the Child Reach charity that the Bird Squit Collection is supporting! Hence our wonderful yellow 'Child Reach' t-shirts.

We are very excited to announce that the Bird Squit is being stocked all over the world - New York, Russia, England, Switzerland and a few more to add very shortly....

Squidders x

Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Do Shop Stocks the Bird Squit...

Pop in and have a play with the water spray installation made by Do
Shop and see the Colour Changing Bird Squit umbrella in action!
SquidLondon's latest stockiest is the Do shop, an absolute gem. Located in the heart of London, Soho.

Do Shop is where the Squidders often just pop in to see how their
dream home will someday look. The selection is about individual
and personal pieces from smaller design labels. You must check it out!

You will find the umbrella at the very entrance, with a beautiful
backdrop of a cloakroom design, as to be seen on the photograph.

Shop link:

Online link -

Thanks Do Shop!

Squidders x

Thursday, 24 September 2009

The Bird Squit Collection Launch

London is known for many things. One that certainly always comes to mind is rain and another is the wonderful abundance of pigeons.....

This Sunday 27th September SquidLondon is proud to launch at Spitalfields Market, the ultimate accessory for this Winter; an umbrella that not only changes colour in the rain but could also bring you good luck.

We look forward to seeing you there - 11am-5pm - pop down at any stage.

Squidders x

Monday, 21 September 2009

TeamSquid - Relay Triathlon

Yesterday, Sunday 19th September: the SquidFans made a trip to Eton, Dorney Lake. Supporting their legendary Rough Track Triathlon team consisting of Christian Sommer and David Jackson. A video shall be out shortly. Here is a first glimpse...

Christian swam 800m in a freezing cold lake in just 13.36minutes! He was the 7th out of the water - no wetsuit in sight - he was definitely the exception!

David cycled 20km in just 48min - he had to do 4 laps on a rough track and overtook 2 more bikers. Fortunately for him his bike did not puncture!

9km running was the final bit for our SquidMen. Christian in just 42 minutes led the SquidTeam successfully on to 5th place out of 50 teams!

Congratulations Team! Looking forward to the next one.....

Squidders x

Thursday, 17 September 2009

Umbrella live on TV

Umbrella live on Dutch TV, Live 4 you - dutch
...SquidLondon's colour changing umbrella makes a brilliant TV piece.

Suck UK's telescopic umbrella goes live.

TV presenter demonstrating the colour changing effect with a water squit....

Moderator absolutely drenched - but the sun has come out!

Monday, 7 September 2009

SquidLondon has gone in partnership with Suck UK.

Suck UK are a great team of dynamic and cool people - the Squidders and Suck UK share similar mind-sets, which has allowed our colour changing umbrella concept to ease in perfectly with their cutting edge designed product range. Not only does the 'cloud design' predict good weather in the rain but the other good news, they are launching the first colour changing Children's umbrella too :)

Autumn fair, Birmingham, 070909, Suck UK, Hall/Stand 3V04/w03

If you are a retailer and would like to buy into the Telescopic umbrella collection, please contact Suck UK on or +44(0) 20 7923 0011

Saturday, 29 August 2009

Guerrilla POP-UP Store in New York City

Added a couple of more pics...

The Squidders London Skyline umbrella has made it all the way back to NYC – this time in Beyond the Valley’s suitcase. Jo Jackson, the co- founder of Beyond the Valley is the creator of ‘Wish You Were Here’. 30 independent boutiques trade places between Lower East Side, NYC & Newburgh Quarter, London. The iconic London Skyline is displayed in a Guerrilla pop up store, adding to the transatlantic experience and celebrating a slice of London on the Lower East Side, New York. Tip: The closing party are renowned – check it out! (13. Sept 09)LES186 Orchard St. btw E. Houston and Stanton Street,Lower East SideNew York2208-130909 Squidders x

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Bird Squit Collection....

Dry Umbrella
Wet Umbrella

My gosh! Can you all believe it is nearly September?!! The time is flying!
Fortunately for Squid we are keeping up! We are very excited to announce that Squid's trial and first collection were so much fun that we have our second collection of 2000 arriving on the 12th of September!

The Bird Squit Collection was ironically inspired by the London you all know it is good luck when a bird poops on you... So enjoy our Bird Squit umbrella bringing you colour and fun , and who knows maybe some luck....!

The Squidders x

P.S An update of stockists is on it's way.....

Friday, 21 August 2009

Squid 4 TATE Now Online!

Dry Umbrella
Wet Umbrella

Summer is flying by, and despite the wonderful rain, we have had some hot days !!
We are very excited to announce that Tate are now selling the Paint Drip online:;jsessionid=330A93F57AD6AA72751EC4EBF25A0D07.B

AND to top it off have re-ordered another collection as they have all but sold out!!

Wishing you a wonderful weekend of colour and fun.

Squidders x

Monday, 10 August 2009

Shell Live Wire Award

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SquidLondon are very pleased to announce that they were one of 5 young entrepreneurs to win a £1000 award.
Just on the upper right column you can click on the 1 minute film which encapsulates our pitch!

We want to say a BIG BIG THANK-YOU to all of you who kindly voted for us! We really appreciate it.

- click here to see the other contestants.

We are now having fun developing our Squidarella Demonstration Machine!!

Squidders x

Thursday, 23 July 2009

SquidLondon in the TATE

The TATE Paint Drip on the Millennium Bridge

The TATE Paint Drip In front of the TATE Modern in London

The TATE Paint Drip in New York City

The SquidLondon for TATE Collection has been launched!!
The inspiration for the Paint Drip can be seen on the right in a slide show.

Commissioned by TATE, SquiLondon designed and produced 600 colour changing umbrellas to coincide with the Colour Chart Exhibition 'Reinventing Colour'.

They are great fun and can only be purchased at TATE.

The press release can be read on our website

Squidders x

Monday, 20 July 2009

Success - Soho Festival

The colour changing umbrella stall!

Mission to spray the whole umbrella....


We had an interesting day at the Soho Festival! Different to what we have done before, which is always good!

Thank-you for all your support! Enjoy your Squidarella's!

Squidders x
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