Thursday, 10 June 2010

Squidarellas needed for Japan's rainy June: 水に濡れると色が変わる、雨の日が楽しくなる傘!

So far we have expanded from London to New York, Paris and Moscow. But as you can imagine Tokyo is the place where the Squidarellas run out of stock like hot cakes!


Here a short movie of our Squidarella in the inspiring city of Tokyo, look at all those black umbrellas of people trying to rush to work.

Generate Design is our stockist and distributer in Japan, they have a surrealistic collection of products who all fulfill the purpose of functionality but with a clever twist. They exhibited the Squidarellas at one of the biggest buying fairs in Tokyo - perfect for the rainy season in June!

The Squidders love the Sky Planter - plant pots hanging upside down
The Squidders love the Match lights - human sized

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