Thursday, 15 April 2010

Squidders Update!!

Hello!!! Sincere apologies from the Squidders!! You would not believe the manic existence we have had since our last blog during London Fashion week! Not too sure where to start - The photographs will do it the best justice!

We had the biggest delivery to date - 4200 umbrellas! What a struggle it was trying to get the boxes into a van! Yes a big white builders van - the Squidders exhibited at the Gadget Show at the NEC Birmingham from the 8th - 11th April! Crazy stuff - checkout the new iPad - very cool.

You will see from the pics @ children loved the umbrella's!! We debuted the latest design to be added to the Squidarella collection.......The Children's Duck Squidarella! So cute....!

In the mix of all this we won the semi finals of the National Varsity Pitch and will be competing in the finals on 5th May for 10K at the British Library in front of 250 people and three highly impressive judges: Doug Richard, Julie Meyer & Richard Tyler - wish us luck!!

Enjoy the pics!

The 'Truck' with 4200 Squidarella's - Oh my!
Packing them in to our ''White Van'' :)

Oh no...they don't all fit...!

Set up time at the Gadget Show!!

Team Squid in action... filling up a swimming pool...?!

Plastic bags, buckets...anything we could get our hands on to transport water...!

Customer's spraying away...


Wet... Little ducks swimming in the water..

Cute little walking stick size with fun handle!

If you wish to see more pics click here David Benson is an events photographer - did an amazing job - thank you!

Thank you also to everyone behind the scenes - you know who you are!! Much appreciated xx

Squidders xx

P.s.... Squid will be launching their new online shop in the next couple of this space!!

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