Wednesday, 11 November 2009

SquidLondon Live on BBC2 Television 'Working Lunch' Show - 11November

What a day for SquidLondon!

We were rushing out to a meeting and we received a phone call from Hew Leith from Consolidated PR asking if Squid would like to be on BBC2 TV on the 'Working Lunch' show to help promote NCGE who have helped us immensely through a programme of theirs called Flying Start!

We rushed to our meeting and rushed back to find a lovely big tinted chauffeur driven car to take us to the TV Studios - what a treat - being driven in a car around London! Or as Viviane likes to put it - Luxury - no tubes, no buses!

You can watch it on BBC iPlayer:

Our main points were the fabulous help of Government Funded enterprises that enable entrepreneur's to link up and learn about the wonderful world of business!

Anything is possible......

Squidders x

P.S on the right tab is a slide show with many more pictures!