Thursday, 22 April 2010

Childreach - "the Squidarella in Africa"

During the Autumn and Winter 2009, SquidLondon donated a portion of the 'Bird Squit' Collection proceeds to help raise funds for ChildReach International, a charity for children in developing countries. The particular project we funded was to help build a well for water and assist with renovations at primary school in Tanzania, Africa.
"When we arrived at the school, you could not believe how dreadful the building conditions were. No window panes to stop the dust storms outside from entering. Stark, concrete walls and flooring that were falling apart. And yet, everywhere we looked, smiling, happy children were thrilled to see us and welcome us." Jennifer Petrillo, PhD Student who volunteered and first enlisted the support of SquidLondon.

Jennifer helped to install a water pump into the new water well, build a concrete walkway outside the classrooms, add window panes to the building to name a few.
"We had constant community support to help in updating their school. I couldn't be more proud of the work we accomplished." Jennifer Petrillo
SquidLondon say "go ChildReach for making a difference hands-on!"

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