Thursday, 23 July 2009

SquidLondon in the TATE

The TATE Paint Drip on the Millennium Bridge

The TATE Paint Drip In front of the TATE Modern in London

The TATE Paint Drip in New York City

The SquidLondon for TATE Collection has been launched!!
The inspiration for the Paint Drip can be seen on the right in a slide show.

Commissioned by TATE, SquiLondon designed and produced 600 colour changing umbrellas to coincide with the Colour Chart Exhibition 'Reinventing Colour'.

They are great fun and can only be purchased at TATE.

The press release can be read on our website

Squidders x

Monday, 20 July 2009

Success - Soho Festival

The colour changing umbrella stall!

Mission to spray the whole umbrella....


We had an interesting day at the Soho Festival! Different to what we have done before, which is always good!

Thank-you for all your support! Enjoy your Squidarella's!

Squidders x
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Friday, 17 July 2009

What You Up To This Sunday???

You might even spot two crazy Squidders in their lab coats spraying umbrellas on one of the stalls...

Squidders x

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

mumurART Selfridges Launch

Speech time for Will Conibear - Director & Co-Founder of mumurART -

Sarah Murihead - An amazing Artist selected by the Celebrity panel to exhibit

Squdarella turning on the genius machine created by the ongoing Squid helpers..!

Following up from last weeks posting 'SquidLondon in Selfridges'.

Squid attended the opening launch for all artists involved in the mumurART launch at Selfridges last Tuesday 30th June.

As you can see from the top photographs - the champagne was flowing and everyone was busy discussing the wondrous art work that surrounded them - all different forms from collage, to oil on canvas, to mini sculptures and of course the Squidarella!

The mumurART exhibition is on untill the 15th July in 'The Wonder Room' at Selfridges - do pop in and check it out!

Squidders x

Friday, 3 July 2009

SquidLondon in The Big Apple....

This trip brought SquidLondon back to its roots - MoMa was the
Squidders first destination. Wandering between Picasso, Dali,
Tinguely, Giacometti, Miro and Calder. Then there it was - taking over a
gigantic white wall - the Jackson Pollock inspiration. An artist from
the 1950's who dripped, in a dancing trance, colour splashes over
white canvases. "How 'awesome' would it be, if your clothes and
accessories would change colour (color) in the rain" - this is how the origin of
the Squidders idea started.

In a shopping enthusiasm the museums shops were attacked - one
after the other (resulting in several umbrella buys). If anyone thinks
London is a rainy place, a NYC thunder storm has to be experienced.
Check out the photo shoot in the rain - looks quite neat, the London
Skyline with the yellow cab in the back ground.

One last thing, while dancing to the beats of Michael Jackson's
thriller until dawn it has to be said that the Squidarella almost got
kicked out of the legendary night club "the Box". It was such a took up a whole chair!

Squidders x